Osho is one of the world's most renowned spiritual masters.
His books sell millions of copies, and his message remains highly relevant after his passing.
This docu-series tells the story in a unprecedented manner, recounting not only the controversial events of his life, to which official media often adhered, but also the testimonies of those who knew him directly.
In fact, the title 'Ten Thousand Shades of Osho' captures the experiences of people who engaged with him, drawing inspiration from the term 'Ten Thousand Buddhas' that Osho used for those who listened to his discourses.
For many years, Osho was referred to as the ‘sex guru’ and we provocatively linked the term 'shades' to the famous gray, red, and black trilogy. 
What's distinctive about this work is that the director-producer personally knew Osho and had access to those involved in the same experience in a way that other directors couldn't, even though the ultimate goal is not to engage in propaganda.
On the contrary, it delves into every aspect of Osho's life, including the most controversial ones. The docu-series is divided into five one-hour episodes and contains unreleased material filmed in various parts of the world.

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